How to make a wire stripping machine


How to make a wire stripping machine. In today’s globalized economy, automation is essential to ensure uniformity and consistency in a wire harness. Nowadays, many manual tasks are still needed during production. However, one important step can be accomplished efficiently with automated equipment and processes. Automatic cutting, crimping, and stripping machines offer reliable solutions for wire harness producers. The machines can cut wires to the desired length; strip both ends; apply pins; or perform pull-force testing as established by pre-setup programs.

What are the benefits of automating?

Automated wire processing is efficient and cost-effective, and it ensures precision in wire stripping and termination. The prime benefits of automated lumbuy  wire processing are the reduction of labor hours to assemble harnesses, an increase in productivity, and cutting wire failures by half.

Using control systems and technology, automation replaces continuous human labor in assembly and engineering, allowing human interaction to focus on more creative, innovative, operational, and technical tasks. Manufacturing applications that require high levels of precision and accuracy benefit from automation.

The downsides of manual processing

Machines are less prone to make mistakes when they’re fully operational. They can get the same amount of work done in less time, with higher accuracy and less wasted effort or energy. In the wire harness manufacturing process, this means a better quality product.

Uniformity of products

Improvements in the quality of parts and components have led to increased productivity with automation, as well as consistency between parts. Automated production processes ensure that each part is standardised, which makes it easier to produce them at a faster rate. For example, cut, strip and crimp machines automate tasks necessary for processing wiring harnesses, including fixed lengths, precise stripping, or balanced terminal pressure. This not only increases productivity but ensures each wiring harness meets product quality standards

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Control of quality

Automated cutting and stripping machines offer process verification that can optimize quality control while wire components are being made. Fully integrated monitoring is a key component of the system, with crimp force monitoring, seal monitoring, splice monitoring as well as a detection system to detect wire end and knots. We guarantee high-speed efficiency and reliability for all processes of cutting, stripping and terminating. Fully automated crimping machines can also twist and tin wires to various lengths and cross sections, meeting your specifications. Optional processing options such as full tinning or tip tinning are also available.

Capacity for production runs

Wire harness manufacturers need to be able to ensure consistency and quality in order to produce high-quality, reliable wire and cable components. Automated cut, strip and crimp machines that provide both high-volume processing and rapid changeover capability are necessary. In either instance, automated cut, strip, and crimp machines offer efficiency and reliability for your business.

When we automate assembly, it saves time and cost because of the improved precision. It also means your product is made better because the output is at a higher level of efficiency. With an automated process, you don’t have to worry about human error and you’ll know your wire harness is being built with excess care. Automated processes can be beneficial for any business involved in wire harness manufacturing.


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